Do you have over 10k followers on Instagram? A large following on TikTok? 

Introducing our affiliate influencer program! Partner with us to show off our amazing products and receive your own custom discount code for your follower-base.

For those with a large reach either through any form of social media, we encourage you to become a brand influencer for wayuplife!

You are entitled to free products, and you will receive 15% of the sales you generate using a custom discount code that we will provide you with.

In exchange for the free merchandise, we require that you:

  1. Send us 5-10 pictures of the product itself, and of you wearing the product to post to our social media accounts.
  2. Promote our store through a custom video you record and post to all of your social media encouraging your audience to shop with us!
  3. You will be entitled to 15% of all of the sales that are brought in using your custom discount code.

*Payouts will be at the end of each month and through PayPal or E-Transfer.

Please contact