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Wearing the Wayuplife Gear PowerBelt is like being the heavyweight champion of the world. You’ve got THE belt. You are THE shi!t. You can strut around the gym like a boss because, frankly - you are one.

^The Wayuplife  Gear PowerBelt is guaranteed* to make you as badass as Steve Austin.

Our PowerBelt is hand-crafted with passion and care. It’s not designed to compete among the bog-standard mass-produced belts. This is a stronger, longer lasting belt for serious Beasts.

The PowerBelt is distinguished by it’s premium all-natural materials and the painstaking manufacturing process. Our belts retain the natural characteristics of the leather & do not compromise on the intrinsic strength of the materials. We trust our belts everyday in training, and so can you.


  • 4" wide by 10mm thick – for extra support
  • 100% genuine nubuck leather – Wayuplife Gear source only the finest materials
  • Double-prong roller buckle – advanced security, easily adjusted
  • Stainless steel screw-in rivets and buckle – more secure than standard rivets & buckles
  • Wayuplife  Gear Tech Industrial strength heavy duty stitching – for stronger, more robust kit.
  • Federation Compliant
  • *Possibly not ;)